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Testimonials About Services Provided by Joseph V. Simeri

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“Joe, we want to thank you for your professionalism, humor and assistance in our mediation process yesterday. Having never gone through anything like this before, and even though it took some time, you made it a pleasant experience”.

“In my 26 years as a judge I’ve never seen anyone more successful than you at mediation. Thank you so much for making my life easier.”

“I really appreciate the excellent job you did in getting this impossible case settled.”

“Enclosed is a copy of the order of dismissal. It is the result of some of your finest work as a mediator. Thanks for all your efforts.”

“My clients invariably comment about how impressed with you they are and how much they appreciate the way you run a mediation.”

“I appreciate creativity and common sense which resulted in a settlement of what I believed was a virtual impossible case to settle in light of the emotions involved.”

“I’ve been in a number of these things and watched different people mediate, but you are truly on a rarified level. Please continue to serve us all by concentrating on mediation. We have enough wars daily in the courtroom.”

“Thanks for such a thoughtful and well-written opinion.”

“My sincere thanks for the outstanding job you did serving as the arbitrator for our internal dispute… With your assistance all parties involved have a satisfactory settlement.”